Problem: For the biggest brand in the beauty industry, what's the next frontier? 


Strategy: 44% of hair stylists are self employed. But between keeping track of inventory, booking appointments, and managing client relations, being a stylist on your own can get pretty hectic. 


And relationships with clients often suffer because of it.


Idea: Beauty for clients, excellence for business.


Solution: We create the 'Aveda at Home' app; a digital hub created specifically for self-employed stylists. Here, self-employed hair stylists can easily manage their inventory, calendar, and of course, better their client relations. 


To spread the word, we approach our target as fellow hair stylists in corners of the internet where they tend to congregate.

My Partner: Thantavan Chanya

My Roles: Strategy, Ideation, Co-Art Direction, Copywriting, UX Design 

Case Study Video

Aveda at Home

Clients Section

1 Clients.png

In the Client Profiles section...

2 Clients.png

Stylists can organize clients,

3 Clients.png

Store conversation notes,

4 Clients.png

And hair info on a client.

Calendar Section

13 Calendar .png

In the Calendar Section...

14 Calendar.png

Stylists can keep a calendar,

15 Calendar.png

Sort their events,

16 Calendar.png

And confirm appointments.

Products Section

5 Products.png

In the Products Section...

8 Products.png

See what they're low on...

6 Products.png

Stylists can manage inventory,

10 Products.png

And place an order.

Sort products,

7 Products.png
11 Products.png

The product finder tool...

9 Products.png

And get info on a product.

12 Products.png

Helps them find the right product.

Home Screen

17 Home Screen.png

They can see important info...

18 Home Screen.png

Get a bit more,

19 Widgets.png

And place them as widgets.


Youtube Videos with FreeSalonEducation

On FreeSalonEducation, a popular Youtube channel in the independent stylist community, we create Youtube Videos highlighting how Aveda at Home can help with common problems that self-employed stylists have.

Blog Posts on SalonGeek.com

On SalonGeek.com, a popular forum in the hair-stylist community, we ask stylists what they're struggling with. From there, we create a genuine conversation, and show them how the Aveda at Home app works.


Instagram Instant Experience

With an Instagram Instant Experience, we highlight how the Product Finder feature works.


Pop-Up Salon

With the Covid-19 pandemic, stylists might not feel comfortable having a client come into their home. So we create pop-up salons, where stylists can rent out a chair, and safely do their job.