My Random Musings


I've been playing a lot of chess lately. And not to sound like an asshole, but I was playing chess before The Queen's Gambit. I keep doing this thing though. Sorta like when you stub your toe on an unexpected piece of furniture that's been in the same spot for your entire life. Or you set your keys down on the couch and you say to yourself, 'don't forget, the keys are on the couch,' only to forget them 5 minutes later. I keep blundering. And not with my bishop, or my knight. But with my queen. For Christ's sake, my queen. And it's always early in the game too. The worst thing is, I pretty much always recover. And so I never learn my lesson. Good thing I'm not one of those skyscraper tight-rope walkers



I am bouta eat this sush. Fill my tummy up with that Japanese Juice. Tuna, salmon, yeah I'm jammin. I eat so much sushi Ima cause a famine. Gimme that yellowtail roll, California roll, and noodle bowl. Roll it up in that rice. Dip it in soy sauce, that would be nice. Yummy yummy sushi is great. I love it so much, we just might mate. Make a sushi-human baby. Call it 'Adam Roll' maybe? I would raise that baby as my own. I shall not eat him when he's grown. Word up sushi, you da best. Thank you for coming to da west.



Sometimes I think about the polar bears at the zoo. The fake snow. The plastic ice. The pseudo hunts. For 8 months out of the year, they're constrained to the indoor realms of their terribly finite habitat–– whose comfort is carved by the agency of air conditioning. Their whole life is constantly obstructed by the reminder that something just isn't right. They can't help but think that they would be better off somewhere far, far away. Away from the fake snow and plastic ice and pseudo hunts. Then in comes the feverish pounding-on-the-glass of a 4 year old named Brayden or Colin or Liam, and the daydream ends.


Paul Jackson Jr

I've never been like, super into jazz. But man, while I was driving downtown last week, I heard this song on WRCJ that just blew me away. I recognized it instantly–– a jazz guitar cover of 'Easy' by The Commodores.

And man, this guy was groovin. The steady beat gave him a perfect backdrop to just let his guitar cry. Trumpets roared out on the accents. And keys played as mellow guides to the would-be chorus. But this guitar player, who I later learned was some fellow by the name of Paul Jackson Jr., you could just hear his soul breaking through his fingers like a baby turtle cracking through its egg. It really is just wonderfully beautiful guitar playing.


Les Mis 2

Inspector Javert is a total asshole. He put my boy Jon Valjean in prison for like 20 years, he ruined Jon's family life, he chases him to the death, and then he kills himself over it??? Like dude. It's a piece of bread. But you know what? Sometimes I wish people would care about bread as much as Javert did. I just had the worst chicken sandwich I've ever had. The chicken? Crispy as hell. The tomatoes? Plump as could be. The pickles? Like a god damn Bubble Bass bonanza. Sorry for the Spongebob reference. But that bread. Oh, that soggy, spongey, squishy loaf of condensed carbs. Soaking in pickle juice and perspiring lettuce. I gagged as I merely picked up the pathetic sandwich. The guy who made this sandwich should take a hint from Javert. Because I tell ya, bread matters.