Cue Health: Super Bowl Social

A few social campaigns leading up to and following Cue Health's big reveal Super Bowl spot. We even got some voiceover help from Gal Gadot. 

My Roles: Copywriting

Creative Team: Erin Manale (my partner), Yiling Cao, Julie Berman

Creative DirectorsBryan Hutson, Natalie Bierl


Pre-Game Phase

Problem: How can Cue capitalize on the cultural moment that is the Super Bowl?


Solution: We show that, thanks to fast and accurate testing, Cue allows you to experience the Super Bowl with peace of mind. We leverage football language like 'accuracy' and 'defense' to highlight our benefit.

FRI 2.4_13604_Cue_SB_ph1Social_6feet_1080x1080_static.png
SAT 2.12_13604_Cue_SB_ph1Social_BigGameParty_1080x1080_static.png
MON 2.7_13604_Cue_SB_ph1Social_FacePaint_1080x1080_static.png
MON 2.7_13604_Cue_SB_ph1Social_ProtectGrandma_1080x1080_static.jpg
13604_Cue_SB_ph1Social_Allin_1200 x675_static.png
Post-Game Phase

Here is the Super Bowl commercial just for context :) 


Problem: How can we keep the momentum going following our Big Game reveal?

Solution 1: We build on the Super Bowl spot and the idea that Cue is the newest member of your smart device family. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 7.54.44 PM.png

Solution 2: "Made Possible by Cue." Whether it's blind dates or spending time with grandparents, Cue's 99.7% accurate testing allows you to experience these moments without worry. 

FRI 2.25_13604_Cue_SB_ph2Social_FirstDates_1080x1080_static.jpg
TUE 2.22_13604_Cue_SB_ph2Social_Traditions_1080x1080_static.jpg
DATE TBD_13604_Cue_SB_ph2Social_PubNight_1080x1080_static.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 7.38.58 PM.png
SUN 2.13_13604_Cue_SB_ph2Social_TouchdownDances_1080x1080_static (1).jpg
THU 2.24_13604_Cue_SB_ph2Social_RoadTrips_1080x1080_static.jpg