Problem: Thanks to stay-at-home orders, driving rates have fallen over 50%. So obviously, 'Your Daily Drive,' a playlist made specifically for driving, isn't doing too hot.


How can 'Your Daily Drive' reclaim its role in the car? 


Strategy: Yeah, driving rates have fallen big time this year. But you know who's driving more? Delivery drivers. Like, 200% more. But between maps, orders, phone calls, and music, they've got a lot to keep track of.


Idea: Delivery driving SUCKS without Your Daily Drive.


Solution: By partnering with Doordash, Grubhub, and Amazon, we place helpful delivery tools within the Your Daily Drive playlist; reclaiming Your Daily Drive's role in the car, while making the delivery driving experience a lot less sucky. 

Art Director/VideographerSkye Scaglione

My Roles: Copywriting, Strategy, Ideation, UX Design



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Young Ones Case Study Video
Click the Grubhub icon...
To check your directions...
And of course, music.
The YDD Delivery Hub
Billboards & Window Signs
2_Free Outdoor Advertisement Billboard M

Showing a little bit of empathy. Because ya know, delivery driving sucks.

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Your directions can now be given to you by songs. Boom.


Pretty self explanatory, right?


Who needs a voice command feature more than delivery drivers?

Social Media
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Songs keep you up to date on deliveries? Oh yeah baby.

We spread the word in pure 2010's style.

Gas Station TV

Bluetooth gas station TV's keep the party goin' when it's time for a fill up.

Daily Delivery Friends

Delivery drivers get pretty lonely. And we all know that music brings people together better than anything. So, we give delivery drivers a way to connect with other drivers through music. They can see what other drivers near them are listening to, and what drivers near them have the same taste in music. From there, they can like and follow other drivers.

Car Giveaway
2. Final Case Study_adamdellav10.00_05_5

This year's been pretty damn tough for delivery drivers. So to show our commitment, we ask them 'why they drive' on social media.

2. Final Case Study_adamdellav10.00_05_5

From there, we gage our responses, and give Music That Delivers to a handful of drivers who need it most...


By giving them (enthusiastic male announcer voice) * a brand new car! *

2. Final Case Study_adamdellav10.00_06_0

We record the giveaway to create followup social content; spreading the Music That Delivers message to the masses.

Extended Case Study