Tile: Musical OLV Series


Problem: How can we effectively portray Tile as the necessity that it is?


Idea: Misplace your items, miss out on your life.

Solution: Cell phones, keys, and TV remotes are essential to a fulfilling lifestyle. Let's highlight Tile by showing how disruptive it is to lose said items... in a very theatrical way.

My Roles: Copywriting, Strategy, Ideation

Art Directors: Stephen Sinacori, Sydney Wickersham

DPs: Beau Credeur, Becca Messner



AAF Greater Flint Silver Addy

Ft. in Clio's Ads of the World

One Show Young Ones Shortlist

A soon-to-be father needs to get to the hospital to support his wife in labor. Too bad he can't find his car keys.

A young Copywriter has a phone call scheduled with her dream agency. But her phone is nowhere to be found.

He's hosting the biggest Super Bowl party on the block. But all hell breaks loose when the TV remote goes missing.