WhatsApp: WhatsUp


Problem: How can we empower young adults to solve their mental health challenges through WhatsApp? Can we acknowledge the fact that they're scared to ask for help? 


Idea: You don't reach out for help, help reaches out to you. 


Solution: 'WhatsUp.' An intuitive mood-screening within WhatsApp where users are given resources based on their mood, and close friends are notified when they're in trouble. 

My Roles: Copywriting, Strategy

Art Director/UX Designer: Ethan Pestaño



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'Invest in yourself for a change'

Hong Kong Financial District
"#1 Most Stressed City in the World" (USA Today)

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University of Pennsylvania
"Most anxious student body" (Humans of University)

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'Stressed-out reading this?'

'You probably are, subways are notorious for being hot-spots of stress. Good thing we've got 108 ways to alleviate it–– all on 'WhatsUp' from WhatsApp.'

Russia has the 3rd highest suicide rate in the world.


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